Monday, September 29

Stone Mountain

Today i got to go to stone mountain with my friend Ella. it was really fun except for the BLAZING HOT SUN and i got sunburn...... but besides that it was cool! we went up to the top in a cable car and thats also how we got back down.... i got one of those smushed penny things. btw I LIKE WAFFLES AND NOODLES AND PIE!!!!!!!!! :D k back to my stuff and stone mountain umm....well i had fun then Ella came over and ate dinner with us then she left. WE HAD BAKED POTATOS FOR DIN-DIN!!!!!!!!!!! XD well bye bye! :-)


Gracie said...

Yummmm. Baked potatoes! Cool I wanna go to Stone Mountain sometime.

hi!!! said...

yes yum. yeah its kewl