Monday, June 4

I should be asleep.

Good morrow, young gentles!
This time, I have some photography to share!

[whooooooaaaaaaa food colouring]

[georgia derpin' around]

[this is actually a picture of a picture that my mom took, but i really like it]


[taken at the botanical gardens huhuhaha]



[moar clowd]


Friday, May 18

No, I didn't die. I was just hidden in the cave that is my room. Probably eating.

Hello. I'm here, and...shiny as ever.
Remember the time I said I would blog more? Yeah, sorry that didn't work out. I probably won't be able to get back into it, but now that I have your attention, here's some art.

All of the above are my OCs.
Please don't use them without my permission.
So yeah.
I might remember to post more later, but I won't make any promises xD


Sunday, December 4

melted crayon art

Recently for my friend Grace's 13th birthday, me and my mom made her this awesome melted crayon thingy that my mom found on craftgawker.
it turned out really awesome.

what you need to make one:
-a canvas, whatever size you want, preferably a flat canvas, so it doesn't sag.
-a bunch of crayons. as you can see, I made a rainbow, but you can do whatever you want.
-a hot glue gun.
-a blow dryer.

first, figure out what order you want the crayons to be in.

next, glue them along the edge of the canvas.

then use your blow dryer to start melting them down the canvas.

when it's finished, give yourself a pat on the back.
you are now artistic!

have fun and enjoy your melted crayon art!

Monday, November 7

it has been a while

I've missed you.
I decided to start blogging again, because when my mom started again, I remembered how much I used to enjoy it. So, here I am, back again, along with much better grammar, spelling, and a lot less exclamation points. Well, I've changed a lot since you last saw me, so here's an update:
I got an expander and braces,
I dyed my hair orange, then black and red, then blonde, and then blue,

I've gotten taller (I'm about 5'2" right now),
Daisy and I got rats back in March,

the white one (mine) is Mango, and the black one (Daisy's) is Ezra, and they are both boys.
AND only 4 months until I turn 13.

So yeah.
I'll blog again soon! ♥

Sunday, April 17


Hey, everyone. ^w^ Here are some (I am sad to say, only two, though) pictures for your.. um, seeing pleasure.

Alright, so there you have it. Exciting, right? Well, I hope I can post more soon.


Saturday, May 1


It's today! The last two years, we've had to leave early because my dad had to get up early for a business trip. But this year, he just got back from that trip so we get to stay late!!!! *like Napoleon Dynamite* YUSSS.... XD so, I'll try to post pictures tomorrow or something.....I'll TRY. OOH, i forgot! This is my 300th post!!! YAY! That's alot. For the Maypole i got silver sparkly ribbon but its more like a rope cuz its not flat with two sides. So anyways I'm gonna go now so,




Au Revoir!

A hui hou!

Ya Ssou!

Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, March 28

Spring has Sprung!

Wow. We're out of that what seemed like way longer than it should have been winter! When I'm outside in the springtime i just feel so happy...I LOVE SPRING! Spring is definitely my very favorite season. Some days are hot enough to swim, some days are just SO nice with the sun shining and the breeze lightly blowing that you just want to be outside all day! *sigh* I missed you, Spring. ^_^

Tuesday, March 2


HI EVERYONE! TODAY I AM ELEVEN!!! YAY! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT I WAITED SO LONG IT SEEMED LIKE! I'm very happy, as you can see. SEE?! Ok, you see. It's also, as you may know, Dr. Seuss' Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To him.... Anyways.........I am going to leave now so, Ta-Ta! ^_^

Sunday, February 14

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Yay!!! Love.....Love day......LALALA!!! Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

:) Bye!!!

Tuesday, December 29

All i got for christmas.....

Here it is!

A 48 set of Prismacolor pencils, plus on top there were 2 packs of 12 for free so 60 pencils!

A typewriter!!! plus paper and white-out


Awesome socks

Skinny jeans


A wallet

Gift card to target

Acrylic paints


Tofu baby pins and Notepads

2 large sketch books

A bag

A little box of chocolate truffle thingies

A pencil and trading cards

Flavored chap stick

A wii

Candy and goldfish

Monkey shoelaces

A calendar

Pallet knives

Dolphin ornament



I think thats all......Bye!

Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas, everybody! (whoa, i actually got it on time this year!!) Guess what we got this year? A (drum roll) WII!!!!!! We've already hooked it up to our TV and made "Mii's"! We also got our yearly pajamas, Mine: The shirt is plain White-(how long will that last?)-with long sleeves and the pants are Blue with candy canes, and the other pair of pants is Pink with polar bears! Daisy's: The shirt is Blue with frogs and so are the pants. Daddy's: SUPERMAN!!!!!!! Stella's: The shirt is Red with a candy cane and the pants are White with candy canes. Lyle's: The shirt is plain White and the pants are Red plaid. Mommy's: The shirt is blue with frosty the snowman and so is the pants. Well my Grammy and Pops and all my Aunts and uncles and cousins are leaving today..... :( OK, I'll go now, Bye, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, December 7

Sunday, November 15

Parents that are Grand.

My Parents that are Grand* are Here! They are staying for 12 days, Until the day after Thanksgiving!!! Guess what, i got some new leggings! I got pair that are striped:They are AWESOME!

My other pair is Dark Blue with rainbow Polka dots-(couldn't find a pic)- yay!! Well, tomorrow i am leaving for Florida with my Parents that are Grand so i will not be in touch.....But I will be here on Thanksgiving day to Blog! Today was the last day of MAFA........until January!!!!!!!!! OK I will be going now, I have to get to bed Goodnight!!


Tuesday, November 10


For the past week, I have been doing a lot of fun things i have not shared with you people! Well, Recently i went on a bike ride, and it feels SO good to have the wind blowing on your face and through your hair.....I kinda forgot, I haven't been on a bike ride in SO LONG. Also, I recently went to my friends Birthday party! I brought her these Adorable little clothes for her doll, a cute little wrap skirt, And a REVERSIBLE shirt that Me and my Mom made. Daisy brought her an Awesome blue Button bracelet that she made, Casey brought her Some beautiful Jewelry, India brought her an "Emily the Strange" Book (Which i want), and Gracie's friend Alden brought her a REALLY pretty drawing she did and a book called "The Lightning Thief". It was really fun, and there was yummy cake! Also this week, I have been hanging out my friends allot (FUN), and i got to see the Baby Micheal again!!! (Adorable!!!) Tomorrow is Veterans Day so my Dad will be home!!! Yay!! Well, I have to say Bye-Bye!! See ya!

Friday, November 6

Happy Birthday!

Today is..............Gracie's BIRTHDAY!!! Grace, I am so glad that i know you. You make me laugh all the time and you are just a great friend. I love you and I am happy for you, turning 11 years old. Wow. :') They grow up SO FAST! Well, 9 days until my grandparents get here! Bye everybody!

11 11
11 11 11 11 11

(p.s. is a funny website!!!)

Sorry about that!

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry. Forgot to post the picture of Me, India, and Gracie, The ALIENS. (AT HALLOWEEN)

Grace has rainbow socks, Me in the middle, and India with silver and green. All of the costumes were so cool! I already can't wait for next year! Yeeeeeaaahhhh..............Wellllllllllllllll.............Heeeeres........aRandomPictureOfCute!


Thursday, November 5


I have been drawing A LOT lately, and if you live close to me or if you know i have your address than you can email or comment me requesting a picture! YAY!'s kinda like a tiny job thingy. heh heh....... Ok, Bye.


Sunday, November 1


Stella is my little sister, and even though she can be VERY annoying, I still love her. :)

Stella by daizelsmom.

stella & rainbow by daizelsmom.

Stella winking by daizelsmom.

stella by daizelsmom.

Stella in her jammies and hat by daizelsmom.
Stella by daizelsmom.

ü <---- thats a smile


Hi, everybody. Sorry i didn't post ON Halloween, but we were busy all day getting ready for our party, having our party, having fun trick-or-treating, having fun eating and trading candy, having fun creating a haunted house\story in the basement, having fun scaring people, having fun playing games.......THE FUN IS ENDLESS ON HALLOWEEN!!!!

(Very, very sorry, Pictures coming tomorrow)

P.S. This is the first day of NaBloPoMo!

Wednesday, October 28


What's the weirdest song you've ever heard???

Please comment telling me the weirdest song you've ever heard.
Seeya! <3