Sunday, November 15

Parents that are Grand.

My Parents that are Grand* are Here! They are staying for 12 days, Until the day after Thanksgiving!!! Guess what, i got some new leggings! I got pair that are striped:They are AWESOME!

My other pair is Dark Blue with rainbow Polka dots-(couldn't find a pic)- yay!! Well, tomorrow i am leaving for Florida with my Parents that are Grand so i will not be in touch.....But I will be here on Thanksgiving day to Blog! Today was the last day of MAFA........until January!!!!!!!!! OK I will be going now, I have to get to bed Goodnight!!



Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Well you aren't my granddaughter but I do think you are quite a GRAND daughter!
I looooooove you!!! And I'm glad you like your new leggings :)