Monday, November 7

it has been a while

I've missed you.
I decided to start blogging again, because when my mom started again, I remembered how much I used to enjoy it. So, here I am, back again, along with much better grammar, spelling, and a lot less exclamation points. Well, I've changed a lot since you last saw me, so here's an update:
I got an expander and braces,
I dyed my hair orange, then black and red, then blonde, and then blue,

I've gotten taller (I'm about 5'2" right now),
Daisy and I got rats back in March,

the white one (mine) is Mango, and the black one (Daisy's) is Ezra, and they are both boys.
AND only 4 months until I turn 13.

So yeah.
I'll blog again soon! ♥


Jennifer said...

The more color, the better- I always say! I love your style, girl :)

Hazel said...

no, I love your style, girl. <3

Lucy said...

Yay! you started blogging again! :)