Wednesday, September 10

Stuffz of da day!

lolz so any hoo today we did SPANISH CLASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (fun stuffz!) lolz and then we went to home depot (boring!) theeeeeeeenn we went to zaxbys cuz my mom had a coupon and it waz RIGHT THERE like almost BESIDE home depot. why is it spelled depoT??? u would think it would be spelled deepo or depo right? but its NOT its spelled depoT lolz. and thennnn we went home and did regular stuffz till we went to the library! (fuuuuuuuuuun stuffz) we dropped daisy off (of a diving bord she wishes!!!) no we dropped her off @ wild card wednesday and picked out some books!!! :D lol and thennnnnnnnnnn we went home and did regular stuffz again and my mom made dinner then daisy and my dad got home (cuz he picked her up from the library after he was done working) and we ated dinnerz and then i got on the comp and started doing this blog post!!!!!!! lool it has been taking me along time too! XD soooooooooooooo today was fun... *evil smile*

peace! more to come from sneezy hazel...


BLuE mOnkEy said...

stop your scaring me! Lol jk jk
Ummmmmmmm i cant remember what my Club Penguins name is I will have to check it later!:D
Ya i didnt know what it said when I first read Home Depot.

hi!!! said...

LOL ur supposed to REMEMBER it!!! i mean who wouldent? lol JK