Saturday, October 4

Touch a truck and other stuff

WE WENT TO THIS THINGY TODAY CALLED TOUCH A TRUCK IT WAS HOT OUTSIDE! the trucks were............PURTY cool.....but then we went to chick-fil-A and ate. then we went to a bike place to get a helmet for daisy. when we were there there was a dog named Juli Hazel Hurney (i think it was hurney! OMG MY NAME! O.o) that chased me, stella, and lyle around the then after THAT i think we went..........home........i not sure but then laterz on me and my mum went to hobby lobby then the halloween express (O.o SCARY!) then we went to joanns fabric store. at hobby lobby we got fabric for my costume, at the halloween express we got nothing (NOTE: india! if you are reading this then tell ur dad theres a two headed baby at the H.E.(halloween express) one head is damon and the other one normal), and at joanns we got more fabric. it was funnish. daisy gone AGAIN at beas house for sleep over (well i think sleepin') x-( WAAAAH! i mad too. :{ welllllllll............ bye bye now! :( x-( :D :) <3 :{ :} :[ :]


Pops said...

You like busy days....What kind of costume is Mom making for you this year? LYT

the future mrs. nick jonas said...

where is the halloween exspress?

ps. please comment on my blog!

hi!!! said...

halloween express is by joanns and im being a funky vampire!