Tuesday, November 25


Today was
Spanish class!!!
It's fun there. Mm-hmm, Dat's right.....
Today we also went to the library and we got the Nancy Drew movie and Pirates of the Carribean 3.
I love the Nancy Drew movie even though i don't read the books! It's
a really good movie... You should see it. :)
AGAIN I'm almost too late blogging. Grrr....

Goodbye Friends! I don't have anything else to say so, Bye!


BLuE mOnkEy said...

I like the Nancy Drew movie too :D
Grrrr lol you should put up a peice of paper telling you to blog in bold letters. Doing stuff like that always helps me >< HEHE

Grandma said...

At least you made it! I haven't seen the Nancy Drew movie, but I used to read the books - a loooong time ago! Love you, Grandma

Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...

LOL briana!

NiƱa Vampiro said...

Yeah, Nancy Drew the movie, and the books are awesome!