Tuesday, November 18

Talent show.

We're doing a talent
show at ACE
on the last week.
Which is this week...
On Thursday.
India, Gracie and I are doing something together.
I'm gonna blog about it after the talent show.
Maybe we'll have a video i can use.
That'll be cool 'Cause then you people can see us!!
Whoever has a cool, kid-friendly blog that I've never seen, Please put a comment.
Hmmm.... what should i sayyy....
Oooh! Today was Spanish class!
I like going to that Spanish class...
It's fun. :)
Well, Lyle just danced in the room really cutely so I'm gonna go play with him!
Bye friends of the awesome world that we try to take care of 'Cause littering people litter.
Ha ha! O.K. bye.


Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...


Niña Vampiro said...


India said...

yeah! danccing was fun!

graces moves were off the wall!

had fun!

lyle is so cute!

sorry about the cold buddy!



Lucy said...

dear hazel I like reading your blog I cant wait to see your dance it is going to be awesome.

PS I probably am going to do gymnastics for the talent show unless I find something else to do

Niña Vampiro said...

I like how you made the text in a rainbow :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Rainbow Wow Wow India Said Graces Moves Were Up The Wall Wow That Must Have Been Up The Wall Wow I Wish I Could Have Seen Those Up The Wall Moves Wow That Would Have Been Totally Up The Wall Was She Really Walking Up The Wall Ha Ha Wow Wow Huh Wow Im Just Kidding She Could Not Acually Walk On The Wall Ha Ha Wow Hi Wow Huh Hi Walk Up The Wall HA Ha Ha Wow So Bye Now Huh Wow

Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...


Pops said...

Hey Hazel, you didn't answer my question about being a singer someday...??? Are you?

Lucy Mazzerella Hope said...

umm... no i'm not i don't think..