Sunday, December 21

Honest Scrap award!

My friend Casey did this and passed it on to me. It's where you tell 10 things about yourself.

1: I am REALLY hyper allot of the time.

2: I love hanging out with my friends. Especially my two BEST friends, India, and Gracie.

3: When i dress, I usually don't match. ^.^

4: I LOVE chocolate.

5: I like drawing and coloring things in.

6: I love dying my hair bright colors.

7: I love roller skating.

8: When i sleep, I'm usually in a weird position which is a problem if I'm sleeping with someone like I'm sleeping in Daisy's room on her bed with her.

9: I like singing with my friend Gracie.

10: I can make people laugh.

Well, there you have it. 10 Things about me. :) now i will pass this on to some blogger friends!

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Pops said...

You are cool! LYT!

India said...

here is mine!

1. i like laughing!

2. i luv all my freinds!

3.i like singing in my room

4. i luv coco

5. my favortie song is: a day in life

6. i dont enjoy to much cheese

there r some of them

India said...

here are more

7. i luv dawgs

8. i luv my family

9. i think poop is nasty

10. i like GTG

EmilyCarolina said...

hahahaha! You are sooo random!