Wednesday, January 28

VVV (1) & WWW

ok first, VVV. today i am introducing Me, Chie! it's pronounced CHY not CHEE. I look like i am 5 but i am actually 14. I think more about my misstress, Not much about myself...

My eyes can change colors....

The image


Sorry i don't have any more pictures...... Bye!



Hi everybody! It's Lucy! Today i will introduce.....Seth!!!

He is a werewolf!

i LOVE that picture!!!!!!!! ^.^ Tee Hee.

I wish i had more pictures!!!! >:(

But he's out of the hossy YAYAYAYAYAZ!

Ok my mom wants me to baby-sit Natasha! Bye!!! seeya next weeeeeeeek! ^~^



EmilyCarolina said...

Only 4 pictures showed up for me :P

Chie said...

Theres ONLY 4 pictures silly!

BLuE mOnkEy said...

They look cool I likes the first one the most