Tuesday, April 21

The game with no name (sorry it took so long!)

Ok so my friend bea made up a game and yada yada whatever im going to do...............India and Bea!.....and i will also do Gracie.... k so.........lets do this thang! INDIA. I see India as the kind of person who has her own style and doesn't care if someone calls her weird. http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/S/senko/1072589385_uresReor02.jpg She likes to dress up and (XD) look for wady bugs with me! Shes always there to help with Lyle and Stella and to Cheer me up when I'm sad. Sometimes she just randomly says something and makes you laugh. Shes the kind of girl who likes to hug you... X)


Grace is my unique best friend. she likes to make up voices and laugh and sing with me..... Something that i like about her is that she can make me laugh if i'm crying just by saying "Hasool?" in her Demon voice. Shes the kind of girl who comes up with great ideas to do a lot. I love her. I'm so glad i met her.

Now BEA!

AnimeGirl120-goth.jpg Anime Girl image by DarkHeart Bea tries to make you think shes like that, But in her heart i really think shes something like this.
girl.jpg anime girl image by crayalina
She likes to play with me and daisy and isn't as gothy then. when she gets comfortable she's like a wild puppy off of its leash. She protects her friends and keeps secrets. I really like her and look up to her. She can sometimes act like a 5 year old, and others acts older than her age.
She is a great person.....

Now, i am tagging..... Megan and Briana! ^-^ until next time my friends!!!! goodbye.....

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