Monday, October 5


All of these people have the same birthday as me-- March 2cd.

Dr. Suess,
Bedrich Smetana,
Jennifer Jones,
Bryce Dallas Howard,
Chris Martin,
Jon Bon Jovi,
Laraine Newman,
Luke Pritchard,
Lou Read,
Desi Arnaz,
Karen Carpenter,
Daniel Craig,
Mikhail Gorbachev


And people who have my moms birthday!

Anne Frank,
George Bush,
Alexandre Tansman,
Vic Damone,
Chick Corea,
Jim Nabors,
Marv Albert


Guess what? Today is "Bathtub party day".
Also, today is only 3 days away from my Bother Lyle's 3rd Birthday!!!! :D

Bye!!! >_<


Grandma said...

Cool! Give Lyle a birthday kiss for me, okay? Love you, Grandma

Hazel Ruthie said...

K' Grandma! I love you too.

Daisy said...