Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas, everybody! (whoa, i actually got it on time this year!!) Guess what we got this year? A (drum roll) WII!!!!!! We've already hooked it up to our TV and made "Mii's"! We also got our yearly pajamas, Mine: The shirt is plain White-(how long will that last?)-with long sleeves and the pants are Blue with candy canes, and the other pair of pants is Pink with polar bears! Daisy's: The shirt is Blue with frogs and so are the pants. Daddy's: SUPERMAN!!!!!!! Stella's: The shirt is Red with a candy cane and the pants are White with candy canes. Lyle's: The shirt is plain White and the pants are Red plaid. Mommy's: The shirt is blue with frosty the snowman and so is the pants. Well my Grammy and Pops and all my Aunts and uncles and cousins are leaving today..... :( OK, I'll go now, Bye, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


The Crazy One. said...

Merry Chirstmas Hazel!

Amaris Rendal said...

Happy Christmas Darling!