Saturday, November 29


Earlier Tonight we saw....Wall-E!!!! It was so cute and guess who we ran into! Kalib, Sarah H. and Jason H.! Not India 'cause she was at *mumbles* Gracie's house.... ¬_¬ Well, Lyle said the whole thing, IN-DI-A all together! Not ina, not innia, INDIA! 'K so back to the movie... Wall-E and Eve were so cute! i loved how Wall-E called Eve "Eva"! :) So cute! :D And, if your reading this Gracie, Lyle knows how to say "Me also!" he says "Me ashowwwwwwww!" AND he says "Yessssshhhhhhhh..." SUCH CUTENESS!



i likez da cheeze duh.

Farts smell bad...

Martians can TASTE COLOR.

Lyle goes pee in his little toilet now. and then he says I DID IT!!!!

K well, bye my Freunde's! Thats german for


India said...

i am so lucky!

aww! he goes poddie now!

and says! i did it!

aww! i wanna hug him!

NiƱa Vampiro said...

He says ME ALSO? Aww! Except, that's my line....

BLuE mOnkEy said...

lol. Omg Lyles feet!