Tuesday, December 23


I am very sad because our Grammy and Pops and some of our cousins and our
Aunt were going to visit next week and my Pops was having surgery on something and
they can't come anymore because he's not feeling good....I cried really
hard earlier because i was so upset. I
REALLY wanted to see them, especially our
cousins, Dylan and Trinity.... :(

Well, bye everybody......I'll see you tomorrow.....


Casey said...

that's too bad. :(

EmilyCarolina said...

I know.

The Bray Family said...

Hazel, Dylan and Trinity are so sad also :(
Hopefully they will be able to come in a few months. We love you guys and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry Hazel. I know you were looking forward to seeing them. Maybe you will find lots of great things to do instead! Hopefully, we will get to see you!