Wednesday, December 24


Today I am introducing my sister in WW. Her name is Blueberry.
She is 14. She JUST turned 14. She is my closest sibling. Her favorite color is Blueberry Blue.
She's going through a phase where there is a lot of sadness. Mostly because someone who she is very close to is sick. His name is Seth...He's a werewolf. So she's going through a lot of pain and we have to be careful not to hurt her feelings.

We just found her in the woods yesterday because she had run away. I'm so glad we found her.

Well, one last picture and then I have to go...

O.K. well, Bye!!!! See you next Wednesday! :)



Casey said...

cool, I'm glad you found her, it would've been sad if she was lost forever. It's cool that your doing this every Wednesday, i look forward to it every week, it's really neat. :)
p.s. Blueberry is cool I like her name. :)

Amaris Rendal said...

-_- when did your favorite color become black...?
Glad Blueberry is safe.

Niña Vampiro said...

Yah I play Seth.

Niña Vampiro said...


Hello, I'm Chie said...

Bea-- uhh..... my favorite color has BEEN black for along time!

Gracie-- Seth "plays" Seth!

Niña Vampiro said...

What do you mean Seth plays Seth? I know that you pretend to be all like you don't realize it's a game, but it is, and I do play Seth. I CREATED Seth!



Hello, I'm Chie said...

i don't think you understand its NOT a game!

Hello, I'm Chie said...

Seth used to be a person, and people are created by their parents.