Thursday, January 29


Hi you guys! It's Lucy! I know I'm only supposed to be here on Wednesdays but....I couldn't help it...I dug up some old pictures with my mom of me and BB when we were little and i couldn't resist showing you! Oh, by the way, Tomorrow is my Birthday! January 30th! I'll be 15 and be visiting you again tomorrow! ^-^ Yayayayayaz! I LOVE visiting you guys! :) O.K. here are the pictures! Tee hee!

Me on my way to Preschool!

BB out in the snow!

Me, very excited, Waking my mum up on my first day of daycare!

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BB's 3rd Birthday!

Me, age 1 smiling up at my daddy!

BB and my mum 7 months after BB was born....

Me on my 5th Birthday! 10 years ago, as of tomorrow......

Well.....Bye! see ya tomorrow!!!


I'll have pictures from my party...... ^-^


NiƱa Vampiro said...
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Chie said...

That was rude! I think their cute!

BLuE mOnkEy said...

They look nice :D
The last picture looked more like she was turning seven, but thats just my opinion :D Awesome job