Friday, March 27

Im sooooooooo sorry......

I'm SO sorry i haven't blogged in FOREVER!

soooooooooooooooo...... to make up for all the VVV's and WWW's i've missed, i'll do a jumble of both! XD

Mika-- VWW.
This is Mika. Griffiths drudge. like griffith he can be mean but also Very nice and sweet... He looks like hes 14 but is actually pretty old im sure how old though.... But yeah....

Sabrina a.k.a. Sab-sab-- WW
Sabrina is a very..... Cheerful, Dark, lovable and sweet person. She has over 200 children. O.O She is married to Severus snape. XD shes 28

Raven-- WW
Raven is dark at sometimes....and VERY cheerful at others. Her fiancé, Collin is a werewolf like Seth, blueberry's boyfriend. Raven is AWESOME! blueberry really looks up to her.. :) oh and shes 17

Lilly-- WW
Lilly is very...... hyper..... Shes to alot of things :) shes cool shes also 17

Griffith-- VWW
Mika's master. He can be very nice at sometimes and others very... *clears throat and coughs "mean"* XD but i like him.... Idk how old he is

Abigail --WW

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Shes a metamorphagus which means she can change the length and color of her hair and the color of her eyes..... She likes learning. Shes pretty happy most of the time.... She likes hanging out with friends and doing magic and......stuff...



Niña Vampiro said...

I couldn't see hardly any of the pics! I could only see one of mine! Could you send me the second one?

ava n said...

what is your user name on webkinz? because i want to be friends on webkinz. my user name is bellaisabell. do you want to be friends as well?

ava n said...

do you want to be pen pals in real life and on webkinz? if you saw my other comment you'll know my user name if you forget my user name again here it is again bellaisabell.

Niña Vampiro said...

Who is Abigail?

Anonymous said...

^ Abigail.

BLuE mOnkEy said...

I could only see a few of them but the ones i saw were cool :D