Tuesday, November 10


For the past week, I have been doing a lot of fun things i have not shared with you people! Well, Recently i went on a bike ride, and it feels SO good to have the wind blowing on your face and through your hair.....I kinda forgot, I haven't been on a bike ride in SO LONG. Also, I recently went to my friends Birthday party! I brought her these Adorable little clothes for her doll, a cute little wrap skirt, And a REVERSIBLE shirt that Me and my Mom made. Daisy brought her an Awesome blue Button bracelet that she made, Casey brought her Some beautiful Jewelry, India brought her an "Emily the Strange" Book (Which i want), and Gracie's friend Alden brought her a REALLY pretty drawing she did and a book called "The Lightning Thief". It was really fun, and there was yummy cake! Also this week, I have been hanging out my friends allot (FUN), and i got to see the Baby Micheal again!!! (Adorable!!!) Tomorrow is Veterans Day so my Dad will be home!!! Yay!! Well, I have to say Bye-Bye!! See ya!


Grandma said...

Looking forward to seeing you in just a few days ;-) Love you, Grandma

EmilyCarolina said...

omg u know that book the lighting theif? theres a series and i read it. tell ur friend its the BEST SERIES EVER!!!!